PodAdmin - The Web-based Podcast Management Tool

PodAdmin is a very simple web-based podcast manager. Upload your new episode via a web form, PodAdmin will then grab the title and description from the ID3 tags and generate a new RSS feed on your website. Optionally you can specify the title and description if it is not embeded in your audio file. Then all you need to do is link to the generated RSS file. PodAdmin uses PHP and MySQL and works with any content management system, or none at all.

PodAdmin is FREE, released under the GNU License.

Update 6/30/07 - Now with iTunes support. Also PodAdmin now features a new web-based configuration page - no more config file editing.

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Email feature ideas or bug reports to stillnet@users.sourceforge.net

From the README file:

Once installed you are ready to upload podcast episodes to your website. PodAdmin will grab the title and description for the episode from the title and comment ID3 tags embeded in your MP3 file. If you did not put this data into your file, you can uncheck the box indicating PodAdmin should use this data. After unchecking the box, title and description text fields will appear.

Once an episode is uploaded, the details will be inserted into the database and the file will be put into the $datadir directory. The RSS feed file defined in $rssoutfile will be updated. Too allow people to subscribe to your podcast, just put a link to the RSS file on your website. If you want to offer people a way to snag an episode without subscribing, you could make a custom page on your website that goes through the records in the database and makes links to the files in $datadir. Some simple code to do this will probably be included in a later release.

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